AJ Banks Travel Bursary

Established 2006

The AJ Banks Award provides bursaries to support attendance at meetings for activities related to food science, engineering and technology.

Award Information


Applications can be submitted by completing the online application form via the link, when applications open. Applications will only be considered from SCI student or standard members - SCI travel bursaries are not available to SCI e-members or non-members.

Applicants must be presenting a paper/poster if attending a conference. Preference will normally be given to those wishing to travel outside their country of residence, especially if they wish to work in a laboratory abroad.

Presentation Details

The awards consists of a travel bursary supporting the attendance at a meeting or conference related to the field. Funding will not be given for visits which are part of the normal course of a co-sponsored PhD (e.g. visiting the partner site).

Eligibility Criteria

    • PhD students
    Career Stage
    • Early career stages
    • Up to 10 years after completion of first degree, or 10 years after starting a first position in business, science or engineering
    • Food Science
    • Food Engineering
    • Food Technology

Applications will not be considered from those who have previously received an AJ Banks, Messel, Leverhulme or Richardson travel bursary.


Applications open TBC
Applications close 31 March (for travel between 1 July and 31 December)
31 October (for travel between 1 January and 30 June)
Frequency Biannual

Additional Information

Code of Ethics for Members

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