Introducing SCI Ambassador, Brian Eapen

Brian Eapen"Working withing the pharmaceutical industry is a perfect example of “where science meets business”.

What is your research field / your key areas of interest?
At AstraZeneca, I am working as a process chemist. Once drugs have been discovered by medicinal chemistry, and synthesised on the gram scale, the process is handed to my team. We then conduct experiments to optimising the route for synthesis on the kilogram scale, before overseeing the manufacture.

Why SCI? How did you first get involved and why would you encourage your peers to join?
SCI was first advertised to me within AstraZeneca. After attending “The National undergraduate industrial placement showcase 2023” hosted by the SCI, I saw the benefit of being involved with the SCI. The opportunity to see the work peers are conducting in various scientific sectors, as well as network with senior keynote speakers was invaluable. Getting involved with events like these, in addition to being fun, is a great way to find out about areas you didn’t know existed in which you may end up working in the future!

SCI aims to be ‘where science meets business’. What is the potential commercial application of your research?
Working withing the pharmaceutical industry is a perfect example of “where science meets business”. During my research as a process chemist, I spend all day in the lab working on optimising reactions, a science-heavy role. I then see the business side with cost of reagents, outsourcing and manufacture. From this it becomes evident how the optimisations I make, such as reducing reagent needed, allows for savings in AstraZeneca’s expenditure.

What do you hope to gain from your involvement with SCI?
By getting involved with SCI I firstly hope to grow my network, meeting people involved in many different areas of science. In addition to learning about the pioneering science these people conduct, it will also open my eyes to areas of science I may decide to work in down the line. Furthermore, opportunities to discuss and present my work will allow for my confidence to increase and for the impact of my work to be understood.

Brian Eapen
Department of Chemistry - Imperial College London / Year in Industry at AstraZeneca, Macclesfield

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