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Building blocks for flow chemistry

Uniqsis - Cold Coil II Flow Reactor Module Uniqsis has developed a range of affordable ‘building block’ modules to which pumps can be added to create a flow chemistry system.

The Cold Coil II Flow Reactor Module provides an entry-level solution for low temperature flow chemistry. Used with an external thermoregulation circulator, it can maintain stable temperatures between -78°C and +150°C. An adapter can support Glass Static Mixer (GSM) chips.

Offering an operating temperature range of ambient to +300°C, the HotCoil reactor heating module can be upgraded with an adapter to support the use of glass and stainless-steel column reactors for heterogeneous catalysis reaction optimisation.

The Borealis high intensity LED lamp unit, with a range of fixed wavelengths, converts a temperature-controlled reactor for photochemical applications. It is a high-power LED light source, available with a selection of different LED arrays providing outputs up to 700W.

Other modules are available for gas-liquid phase flow chemistry plus a solid-state inline UV spectrophotometer with connected flow cell for monitoring steady state conditions and control product collection.