22 October 2024

Water damage in asphalt roads

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SCI’s Construction Materials group

SCI, London, UK

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It is virtually impossible to keep a road pavement from coming in contact with water, entering in various ways, e.g. flowing from rainfall or from groundwater absorbed into the structure by capillary action.  In conjunction with traffic loading, water is often a contributing factor in pavement distress such as cracking, rutting and ravelling. Therefore, road design should take account of how to minimize its damaging effects on the pavement structure.  

This symposium will consider how an asphalt pavement is damaged and eroded by water action and examine possible ways of preventing it, with a focus on binder-to-aggregate adhesion, including the effect of anti-stripping additives.

This event will be of interest to those working in highway authorities, civil and military airport authorities, road and railway engineering consultants, university civil engineering departments, construction materials testing laboratories, as well as materials suppliers and contractors, and road and airfield construction contractors and operators.
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Lucia de Ferrariis, WSP
Corina Draper, Shell
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