12 August 2016


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Dr Abhishek RoyThe SCI America Group is pleased to announce that Dr Abhishek Roy has won the 2016 Gordon E. More Medal. The Gordon E Moore Medal is named after the co-founder of Intel Corporation and author of Moore's Law. The Medal recognises a significant innovation made by an industrial scientist less than 45 years of age.

Dr. Abhishek Roy is the Lead Product R&D Manager and technical platform leader for reverse osmosis (RO) membrane chemistry platform in Dow Energy and Water Solutions, a business division of The Dow Chemical Company.

Abhishek and his team were instrumental in developing breakthrough terpolymer polyamide chemistry that altered the mechanism of how salt and water transport across a RO membrane. By controlling and designing polymer architecture and morphology, the team’s research addressed three major challenges related to the global water challenge: efficiency at the water-energy nexus, water source availability and water reuse. The resultant DOW FILMTEC™ ECO RO product family reduced energy consumption by 30% and at the same time, improved the quality of recovered water by 40% - sustainable offerings that delivered both ecological and economical value to the market. DOW FILMTEC™ ECO solution was named as the third breakthrough to world challenges as a part of the Dow’s 2015 sustainability goals and it also received the 2014 Edison Award™.

Abhishek is also the developer of the industry’s highest water permeable membrane, which resulted in the launch of a breakthrough tankless product for residential use. The product reduced the foot print making RO systems suitable for residential applications, and thus enabling access to better quality water in millions of homes across the world.

Abhishek joined Dow in 2008 and his initial work in 2010 was around designing industry’s best in class low energy fouling resistant the DOW FILMTEC™ XFRLE, the same membrane used in the OCWD plant in California. The membrane is providing years of reliable sustained water reuse solution to California and many other parts of the world. Throughout his research career, Abhishek has invented several generations of membrane technologies, built a team and commercialized over 10 new breakthrough products.

Abhishek earned his PhD from Virginia Tech under the guidance of Prof. James E. McGrath in the macromolecular science and engineering program. He has coauthored more than 100 scientific articles including 30 peer reviewed journal publications (with over 1,000 citations) and book chapters. He is a co-inventor of 40 patent applications with 10 of them granted to date. Abhishek has received awards from ACS’ fuel and polymer chemistry divisions and has been selected as the outstanding recent graduate alumnus from Virginia Tech’s College of Science. Credited as the primary inventor of the DOW FILMTEC™ ECO elements, Abhishek was also named the winner of Dow's prestigious Sustainability Innovator Award, an award sponsored by Dow’s Sustainability Officer, awarded by Dow’s CEO, and with only six recipients since 2008.

Abhishek was invited to present at the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) organized German American Frontiers of Engineering in Potsdam 2015 and is a co-organizer for this year’s Frontiers of Engineering symposium (NAE) in September.

About the Gordon E Moore Medal
The Gordon E Moore Medal is named after the co-founder of Intel Corporation and author of Moore's Law. The Medal recognises a significant innovation made by an industrial scientist less than 45 years of age. As a young chemist, Moore helped to create the semiconductor industry. In choosing the Moore Medal recipient, SCI recognises an outstanding individual who has developed a breakthrough innovation making a significant impact on a company's business by creating a new market, expanding an existing market, or commercialising new process technology. Other criteria include the importance of illuminating emerging areas of applied chemistry in the 21st century and demonstrating the positive impact of applied chemistry on our quality of life.

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